These beautifully detailed garden statues are replicas of real sculptures found in museums around the world.  They are sized to be approximately "life size" in quarter scale.
They are 3D printed in white resin and it takes a tremendous amount of supports to make them come out whole.  I will be removing all of the supports from the sides, face, hair, etc. and smoothing out the attachment areas for you.  I will leave on the bottom supports and the “raft” so that you have some place to hold on to for painting.

The photo below shows (5) different acrylic paint combinations that I used in the samples.  
(Click on photo to enlarge)

All statues come to you unpainted.  For a nice “concrete” look for the garden, I started with a base coat of light gray and dry brushed on a tiny amount of white.
For a semi-marble look, I started with a white base coat and dry brushed on light gray. 
The black sample also has a dry brush coat of gray. 
My two favorites are the bronze and the verdigris copper finishes.  For a faux bronze look I started with a base coat of medium brown and then dry brushed on a fairly heavy coat of metallic bronze.  And the verdigris copper started with a light bluish-green base and then dry brush on metallic copper paint. 
All of these finishes are very easy to do and if you don’t like the way they are coming out you can simply wash the acrylic paint off with soap and water (and a soft toothbrush) and start over.

Special QC Price
Michelangelo’s David

1-5/16” H X 1/2” W
$8.00 each
Venus (Goddess of Love & Beauty)

1-3/16” H X 5/16” W
$8.00 each
Psyche (Goddess of the Soul)

1-3/16” H X 3/8” W
$8.00 each
Hebe (Goddess of Youth)

1-3/16” H X 3/8” W
It's hard to see but she is holding a water jug and a dish of water in her left hand
$8.00 each
Caroline Amalie (Queen of Denmark)

1-3/16” H X 7/16” W
$8.00 each
St. Francis of Assisi

1-1/4” H X 1/2” W
$8.00 each
Dancing Girl

1-3/16” H X 1/2” W
$8.00 each
Recumbent Lion (Specify Left or Right Facing or Mirrored Pair)

1/2” H X 1” L
$8.00 each
Sitting Lion

13/16” H X 3/4” L
$8.00 each
Young Girl with Morning Glory

3/4” H X 1/4” W
It's hard to see but she is holding a tiny flower in her left hand
$6.00 each

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