Lion Head Wall Fountain (or Planter)

This very detailed, 3D printed Lion Head Wall Fountain will be an elegant feature on any garden or courtyard wall.  The bowl is solid up to the water line which makes it easy to create the look of moving water or fill with plants and flowers.  Complete instructions are included.
Dimensions:  7/8 high x 3/4 wide x 3/8 deep
Kit Cost: $7.00

Modern Garden Planter Bench

This round Garden Planter Bench has a totally modern style.  The kit combines a 3D printed hollow planter with a laser cut wooden bench.  Very easy to paint, stain and assemble and it looks great wherever you place it in your scene.
Dimensions:  5/8 high (without plants) x 1-1/4 wide x 1-1/4 deep
Kit Cost: $7.50

Blossom Bird Bath

This beautiful Blossom Bird Bath will brighten up any quarter scale garden.  Paint to look like concrete as shown or use traditional floral colors for a modern look. Detailed painting instructions included.  Birds sold separately.
Dimensions:  5/8 high x 1/2 wide x 1/2 deep
Kit Cost: $6.00

Set of 4 Birds (2 sizes)
Perfect anywhere in your garden, this set of 3D printed birds are fun to paint in the colors of your local avian varieties.  Detailed painting instructions included.
Kit Cost: $4.00


Conservatory Benches

The curved lines on these pieces complement the curves of the conservatory I offered previously.  The kit includes laser cut wood pieces to make two (2) Benches that are suitable for use either inside or outside. 
Kit Cost: $6.00 (2 benches)
Gazebo Benches
These little benches combine grooved wood with smooth wood and because the back panel is inserted separately it is very easy to paint with 2 different colors.  The kit was introduced previously with my gazebo kit.  It includes laser cut wood pieces to make two (2) benches.
Kit Cost: $6.00 (2 benches)

Adirondack chairs, rockers and benches are also available.  Please see my "Cabin Theme" page.

These beautifully detailed garden statues are replicas of real sculptures found in museums around the world (see my attributions page).  They are 3D printed in white resin and it takes a tremendous amount of supports to make them come out whole.  I will be removing all of the supports from the sides, face, hair, etc. and smoothing out the attachment areas for you.  I will leave on the bottom supports and the “raft” so that you have some place to hold onto for painting.






Michelangelo’s David

1-5/16” H X 1/2” W

$8.00 each

Hebe (Goddess of Youth with her pitcher and cup of nectar for eternal youth)

1-3/16” H X 3/8” W

$8.00 each

Caroline Amalie (Queen of Denmark)

1-3/16” H X 7/16” W

$8.00 each

St. Francis of Assisi

1-1/4” H X 1/2” W

$8.00 each

Young Girl with Morning Glory

3/4” H X 1/4” W

$6.00 each

Young Girl with Kittens (the detail of the kittens is a little hard to see on this statue but the mother cat snuggling  around her legs is priceless.)

3/4” H X 1/4” W

$6.00 each

NEW Pewter Style Dishes
These pewter style dishes would be perfect for your castle or early American scenes.  They have a lovely decorative outside shape with embossed details, they are 3D printed and come to you ready to be painted.  For the look shown I simply used (1) coat of Testor's metallic silver model paint and a disposable applicator brush.
4 Dinner Plates
Kit Cost:  $4.00

2 Serving Platters
Kit Cost:  $3.00

4 Soup Bowls
Kit Cost:  $4.00
4 Tankards
Kit Cost:  $4.00

One more NEW 3D printed kit, CROISSANTS
I had a special request to design another kind of bread, a croissant, for a Paris bistro vignette. (See my "Holiday" page for other types of bread and food.)

4 Croissants
Even though these pastries are small, a little dry brushing reveals all of the flakey layers.
Kit Cost:  $4.00

List of Kits with prices for cutting & pasting into an email for ordering:

Lion Head Fountain ($7.00)
Modern Planter Bench ($7.50)
Blossom Bird Bath ($6.00)
Set of 4 Birds ($4.00)
Conservatory Benches (set of 2) ($6.00)
Gazebo Benches (set of 2) ($6.00)
Statue – David ($8.00)
Statue – Hebe ($8.00)
Statue – Caroline ($8.00)
Statue – St. Francis ($8.00)
Statue – Young Girl with Morning Glory ($6.00)
Statue – Young Girl with Kittens ($6.00)
Pewter Style Dinner Plates ($4.00)
Pewter Style Serving Platters ($4.00)
Pewter Style Soup Bowls ($4.00)
Pewter Style Tankards ($4.00)
Croissants ($4.00)

NOTE:  All orders include at least 1 free gift to complement the items you are ordering.

Shipping cost is a flat $6.50 to the US for any number of kits or $16.00 to Canada for up to 8 ounces.

To order any of the items from my website, please email me at:
I am not currently taking PayPal.  
Payment can be made in the form of a Check, Money Order, Zelle, or Canadian Cheque.

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