QC WORKSHOP - A Victorian Farmhouse Corner Display


Are you looking for a fun and easy project that will fit in just about any corner?  How about a place to display all of the lovely pieces of furniture that you’ve made that have no “home”?  
This kit includes all of the pieces to make the Victorian Farmhouse as shown (except for the interior wallpaper, which is available separately).

Kit Includes: Laser cut wood walls, floors, and porch, wood-look exterior siding papers, wood-look flooring paper, slate-look roof paper, windows and window trims.  

Finished Size of the Project:  4-1/2" wide X 4-3/4" deep X 7-3/4" tall

Skill Level:  Beginner (detailed instructions provided with many photos)

Tools and Supplies Required:  Exacto knife, scissors, tweezers, Tacky Glue, Super Glue, Grandmother Stover’s or YES wallpaper glue, paint and brushes, sealer (optional).

Total Kits Available:  ONLY 2 Left
(I will cut more but there would be a slight delay for ordering more wood)

Kit Cost:  $45.00

There was an online Zoom question and answer session held in March where I went through all of the construction steps.  I will provide a link to the YouTube recording.

Shipping Cost (US): $6.50
Shipping Cost (Canada): Actual Cost
Shipping Cost (Rest of World): Actual Cost
Shipping Exceptions: Unfortunately, I cannot ship to the UK or EU because of VAT regulations

Payment Types Accepted: Check, Money Order, Canadian Cheque, Zelle

Additional Information:

Below are some photos of my partially furnished prototype.  I designed all of the furniture kits shown specifically to go with this project (but they are standard ¼” scale sizes to fit most projects).


And if you really want a scene brought to life there’s no substitute for the addition of Pat Hamilton’s very special dolls! 

Pat has once again designed some beautiful and delicate, polymer clay dolls that go perfectly in this project.  This Victorian family is dressed in their “Sunday Best” and give a lovely, formal look to the diorama.

Pat will be offering her dolls for sale on the Quarter Connection Sales Group or you can email her at cloudbound@charter.net


This is the list of the brand new kits that I designed for this project or any of your other ¼” scale houses:

Kit Name & Photo
(Click on photo for a larger image)
(H X W X D)

Vintage Refrigerator (3D Printed)

1-7/16 H X 5/8 W X 5/8 D


Vintage Stove (3D Printed with laser cut
black grills - no tiny painting)

Set of 2 Freestanding Cabinets Kit to go on
either side of the stove (laser cut wood)

15/16 H X 3/4 W X 9/16 D

7/8 H with backsplash X 1/2 W X 1/2 D (each)



Farmhouse Sink (3D printed) with 2 cabinets,
countertop and faucet Kit (laser cut wood)
(fabric not included)

7/8 H with backsplash X 1 5/8 W X 1/2 D


Set of Upper Cabinets Kit to go over Stove or Sink
(laser cut wood)



French Country Kitchen Table & 2 Benches Kit

This set looks great painted white!!

Table - 5/8 H X 3/4 W X 1-1/4 Long

Benches - 3/8 H X 3/8 W X 1" Long each


Breakfast Nook Set – Table & 2 Chairs Kit

Table - 5/8 H X 5/8 W across

Chairs - 7/8 H X 3/8 W X 3/8 D each


Closed Front Hutch Kit (laser cut wood) (shown
stained and painted, kit includes only 1 hutch)

1-1/2 H X 3/4 W X 7/16 D


Small Sofa/ Loveseat (3D printed)

13/16 H X 3/4 D X 1-5/16 Long


Occasional Chair (3D printed)

3/4 H X 3/4 W X 3/4 D


Set of Oval Coffee Table and Round End
Table (laser cut wood)

Coffee table - 3/8 H X 1/2 W X 1" Long

End table - 1/2 H X 7/16 W across


Set of (2) Oval Console Tables with intricate
bases   (laser cut wood)

5/8 H X 3/4 W X 3/8 D each


French Country Upholstered Bed Kit
(laser cut wood) Includes blue silk for headboard
(very easy upholstery)

1-3/16 H X 1-7/16 W X 1-11/16 Long


Victorian Dresser and Night Stand Kit (laser cut

Dresser - 1-3/8 H X 1-5/16 W X 1/2 D

Nightstand - 5/8 H X 7/16 W X 7/16 D


Country Chair Porch Planter Kit with flower
pot (lasercut wood and 3D printed, flowers not

7/8 H X 3/8 W X 3/8 D


Interior Graphics – These are not full-
size wallpapers but graphics perfectly sized
to fit each interior wall (3 floors) and the
inside of the turret.  2 sheets total.
This is what I made for the
sample house.  

8 ½ X 11


NEW -  Windowseat or Desk with
Kits for the Round Turret
Rooms (Bonus - both kits come with
2 rounded back shelves, not shown)


BOTH - 1-1/2" W X 1" D

Window Seat with 2 shelves:

Desk with Chair and 2 shelves:



List of Kits with prices for cutting & pasting into an email for ordering:
Victorian Farmhouse with BLUE Exterior Graphics ($45.00)
Interior Graphics (wallpaper) ($2.00) - BLUE only available
Vintage Refrigerator ($6.50)
Vintage Stove ($7.00)
Set of 2 Free-standing Cabinets ($4.00)
Farmhouse Sink with cabinets ($8.50)
Upper Cabinets BEING REVISED ($4.00)
French Country Kitchen Table & 2 Benches ($7.50)
Breakfast Nook Set ($7.00)
Closed Front Hutch ($6.50)
Small Sofa/ Loveseat ($8.50
Occasional Chair ($6.50)
Oval Coffee Table and Round End Table ($5.00)
(2) Oval Console Tables ($5.00)
French Country Upholstered Bed ($8.50)
Victorian Dresser and Night Stand ($7.50)
Country Chair Porch Planter ($4.00)
Window Seat with shelves ($4.00)
Desk & Chair with shelves ($6.00)
ALL orders include at least 1 free gift, designed by me to complement this project. 
Shipping cost is a flat $6.50 to the US for any number of larger kits or $15.00 to Canada for up to 8 ounces.
To order any of the items from this or other pages, please email me at:
I am not currently taking PayPal.  
Payment can be made in the form of a Check, Money Order, Zelle, or Canadian Cheque.

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