I have just started branching out into the world of Micro Scale.  I am pushing my designs and equipment to the limit and creating a brand new line of 1/144 scale Woven Wicker Furniture and Baskets.  The detail that I have been able to achieve in such a small scale is incredible to me and I hope that you will agree.

These pieces are shown below as they will come to you.  I will remove the supports from the delicate legs and sides of the pieces ahead of time but leave them on the center supports for ease of painting. I am also showing a painted version of each next to a quarter for size reference. Dimensions are noted in millimeters because these pieces are so tiny. 

All pieces come with painting instructions/suggestions and the living room pieces include patterns and instructions for the "cushions".

I'm sorry if these pieces seem a bit expensive for the size but they are very difficult to print successfully (only about half of them pass my quality control upon completion) and it is very time consuming to remove the supports and then protect them from breakage during shipping.







Island Loveseat with Coffee Table

Loveseat - 10mm L X 5.2mm W X 7mm H

Coffee Table – 8.2mm L X 4mm W X 3.8mm H

$7.00 each set

Island Chair with Ottoman

Chair – 5.4mm L X 5.3mm W X 7mm H

Ottoman – 5.3mm L X 4.7mm W X 3.4mm H

$7.00 each set

Pair of Island End Tables

4mm W X 4mm H each

$5.00 each set

Peacock Chair

7.8mm W X 3.8mm D X 10.7mm H

$5.00 each

Side Table for Peacock Chair

4.5mm W X 3.6mm H

$3.00 each

Key West Bed

15.8mm L X 11.4mm W X 10.3mm H

$7.00 each

Key West Dresser

7.8mm L X 3.8mm W X 6.6mm H

$3.50 each

Key West Pair of Night Stands (you get 2 even though the photo shows 1)

4.5mm L X 3.4mm W X 4.6mm H

$4.00 each set

Laundry Basket 

(Also shown next to the 1/4" Scale version on a life size pencil)

5.4mm L X 3.2mm W X 2.4mm H

$2.00 each

Pet Bed

4.4mm L X 3.4mm W X 1.7mm H

$2.00 each

Square Handled Basket

2.2mm L X 2.9mm W X 3.1mm H

$2.00 each

Round Handled Basket

2.3mm W X 3.1mm H

$2.00 each

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  1. Until I saw these in person I would not have believed it possible. The detail on the weaving inside and outside the wicker is incredible, and shows up beautifully with a bit of paint. Thank you for making these!