I have just started branching out into the world of Micro Scale.  I am pushing my designs and equipment to the limit and creating a brand new line of 1/144 scale Woven Wicker Furniture and Baskets.  The detail that I have been able to achieve in such a small scale is incredible to me and I hope that you will agree.

These pieces are shown below as they will come to you.  I will remove the supports from the delicate legs and sides of the pieces ahead of time but leave them on the center supports for ease of painting. I am also showing a painted version of each next to a quarter for size reference. Dimensions are noted in millimeters because these pieces are so tiny. 

All pieces come with painting instructions/suggestions and the living room pieces include patterns and instructions for the "cushions".







Island Loveseat with Coffee Table

Loveseat - 10mm L X 5.2mm W X 7mm H

Coffee Table – 8.2mm L X 4mm W X 3.8mm H

$7.00 each set

Island Chair with Ottoman

Chair – 5.4mm L X 5.3mm W X 7mm H

Ottoman – 5.3mm L X 4.7mm W X 3.4mm H

$7.00 each set

Pair of Island End Tables

4mm W X 4mm H each

$5.00 each set

Peacock Chair

7.8mm W X 3.8mm D X 10.7mm H

$5.00 each

Side Table for Peacock Chair

4.5mm W X 3.6mm H

$3.00 each

Key West Bed

15.8mm L X 11.4mm W X 10.3mm H

$7.00 each

Key West Dresser

7.8mm L X 3.8mm W X 6.6mm H

$3.50 each

Key West Pair of Night Stands (you get 2 even though the photo shows 1)

4.5mm L X 3.4mm W X 4.6mm H

$4.00 each set

Laundry Basket 

(Also shown next to the 1/4" Scale version on a life size pencil)

5.4mm L X 3.2mm W X 2.4mm H

$2.00 each

Pet Bed

4.4mm L X 3.4mm W X 1.7mm H

$2.00 each

Serving Tray

4.2mm L X 3.2mm W X 1mm H

$2.00 each

Square Handled Basket

2.2mm L X 2.9mm W X 3.1mm H

$2.00 each

Round Handled Basket

2.3mm W X 3.1mm H

$2.00 each

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  1. Until I saw these in person I would not have believed it possible. The detail on the weaving inside and outside the wicker is incredible, and shows up beautifully with a bit of paint. Thank you for making these!