I designed the following furniture kits specifically to fit the latest Quarter Connection project, a Bunny House in a Ferrero Rocher Bunny Shaped Candy Box.  These pieces are a little shorter and a little narrower than they might have been in standard quarter scale.  This means that they also might work well for other projects that you make in shallower containers, like the cardboard book boxes or cookie tins.  The finished dimensions are given for all pieces and you can visually get an idea of how they fit in the photo of the Bunny House that I made.  Note, my bunny house fits inside the plastic candy box with the lid in place, I just wasn’t able to get it to stand up that way for the photo.

If you would like adorable bunny dolls (also made especially for this QC project) they can be ordered from Pat Hamilton at cloudbound@charter.net

Bunny Bedroom Set
This kit includes the 4 Poster Bed which can be used with or without the canopy piece.  The canopy is sized a little larger than the overall bed dimensions in order to allow for fabric curtains that you may choose to make.  It also includes the Mirrored Dresser with one drawer that can be made open (as shown) or closed and a small Nightstand.  All parts are laser cut wood and include detailed instructions with photos.  Instructions for dressing the bed are included but the fabric and lace are not. Dimensions:  Bed – 1-1/2” T X 1-1/8” L X 3/4” W size with canopy top, slight smaller without canopy.  Note - the bed is slightly narrower than a regular twin size bed.  You could substitute a longer mattress and use this piece in a regular quarter scale project.  Dresser – 1-1/8” H X 11/16” W X 3/8” D (with open drawer).  Nightstand - 3/8” H X 3/8” W X 1/4” D.  Kit Cost: $12.00

Bathroom Set
This vintage inspired bathroom fits perfectly into the “right ear” of the bunny box.  The 3 pieces are 3D printed with laser cut faucets.  The Sink and Toilet were designed and computer generated by me, the Trunk Tub is by my friend Connor and was part of my QC Western Weekend bathtub collection (see my attributions page for design credits).  Dimensions: Sink 11/16” H X 9/16” W X 7/16” D; Toilet 11/16” H X 3/8” W X 1/2” D; Tub 13/16" L X 1/2" W X 7/16" H.  Kit Cost: $12.00

Living Room Fireplace
This is a sweet little fireplace that would be perfect in a small living room or bedroom.  It is laser cut wood and can be painted, as shown, or stained.  Brick graphics for the back are included but you will need to supply your own sticks for logs. Dimensions: 1” H X 1-1/4” W X 1/4” D.  Kit Cost: $6.00

Rocking Bunny Chair and Rocking Cradle

These 2 kits are made from laser cut wood and they look beautiful stained, with a little bit of painted details added.  This kit includes an adorable, easy to paint, 3D printed sleeping baby bunny for inside the cradle.  Dimensions:  Cradle – 1/2” H X 5/8” W X 5/8” L.  Rocking Bunny Chair – 3/8” H X 3/8” W X 5/8” L.  Kit Cost (Chair, cradle &  baby bunny): $6.50

Living Room Desk/Hutch
This is a small scale Desk/Hutch that would be perfect in a small living room or office.  It is laser cut wood and can be stained, as shown, or painted. Dimensions: 1-1/2” H X 1” W X 3/8” D.  Kit Cost: $5.00

Wing Chair
This small wing chair that I’ve painted to match the inspiration BH illustration is 3D printed with wooden laser cut legs.  I didn’t design this chair but I resized it for this project (or any small living room).  This 3D design is used with “Creative Commons” permission.  Please see my attributions page for design credits. Dimensions: 1” H X 5/8” W X 5/8” D.  Kit Cost: $6.00

Kitchen Fireplaces
I originally designed an Early American fireplace for this project but when I found out that it was really based on the Brambly Hedge (BH) illustration, I designed a second fireplace to more resemble the one shown.
BH Fireplace with Oven Boxes

This fireplace looks complicated but is SUPER EASY to construct.  I was able to incorporate the 2 ovens as well as the open fire grate in a total depth of less than 3/8”.  The metal bar is strong enough to hang a tea kettle or cooking pot from (accessories not included). This kit is laser cut wood and cardstock (for trim) and includes the stone graphics and even small gravel for the hot coals. Dimensions: 1-3/8” H X 1-13/16” W X 5/16” D.  Kit Cost: $8.00

Early American Fireplace
This fireplace resembles a typical walk-in cooking fireplace from colonial times.  This kit is laser cut wood and cardstock (for pot hangers).  The brick graphics shown are included but you will need to supply your own sticks for logs. Dimensions: 1-3/8” H X 1-13/16” W X 5/16” D.  Kit Cost: $7.50
Kitchen Hutch
This kit is laser cut wood.  I used pre-grooved (not laser cut) wood for the back which is reversible if you would prefer a smoother, more BH, look.  Dimensions:  1-1/2” H X 1-1/4” W X 3/8” D.  Kit Cost: $6.50
Kitchen Work/Dining Table with 2 Benches
This little ½” wide table is perfect for your bunnies to prepare dinner on or to sit down at for scrumptious meal.  The kit includes 2 benches which work well in the kitchen or in the living room (or even outside).  Dimensions:  Table – 5/8” H X 1” L X 1/2” D.  Benches (each) – 3/8” H X 1” L X 1/4” D.  Kit Cost: $7.00
Shelves with Ladder
These storage shelves will fit nicely in the root cellar of your bunny house or use them as bookshelves for the living room.  The included ladder is sized just right for the bunnies to reach the goodies on the top shelves.  Dimensions:  Shelf Unit – 1-1/2” H X 1-1/8” W X 3/8” D.  Ladder – 1-1/2” H X 7/16” W X 1/16” D.  Kit Cost: $5.00

With Wood Style Tub
With Metal Style Tub

Laundry Room
The laundry room kit includes a Clothes Wringer that hangs off the side of the wash tub, a Washboard, Wash Tub, Ironing Board and Iron.  Everything is laser cut wood except for the wash tub.  The wash tub is 3D printed and comes in your choice of a Round “Wood Style” Tub OR an Oval “Metal Style” Tub (please indicate your preference).  Dimensions: Wringer and Tub – 3/4” H X 5/8” W X 5/8” D.  Ironing Board – 5/8” H X 7/8” L X 5/16” D.  Kit Cost: $12.00

Front Door with Steps and (2) Tiny Inside Doors for Living Room & Root Cellar
These kits are laser cut wood and are very easy to paint and stain.  The steps are 2 separate pieces that can be layered together or used separately.  Dimensions: Front Door – 1-1/2” H X 7/8” W X 1/16” D.  Kit Cost: $6.00
Set of 2 Ladders
I am always getting requests for ladders and so I thought that some people might need some simple (no treads included) ladders for this project.  They are both 2-1/4” tall, to reach between floors, but can be resized with an exacto knife or chopper to any length desired.  Dimensions: 2-1/4” H X 7/16” W X 1/16” D (each).  Kit Cost: $2.50

Cast Iron Cookware
This set of “cast iron” cookware for the kitchen fireplace is 3D printed and includes a large Tea Kettle, Oval Casserole with removable lid, Large and Small Skillets.  Dimensions of largest piece (kettle): 1/4” H X 1/4” W X 3/16” D.  Kit Cost: $6.00

If you would like to order (1) of each kit shown in my bunny house (PHOTO AT TOP OF PAGE), you would receive the following 13 kits:
Bedroom Set, Bathroom Set, Bunny Rocker & Cradle, Living Room Fireplace, Wing Chair, Living Room Desk/Hutch, Kitchen Hutch, Kitchen Table with 2 Benches, BH Kitchen Fireplace, “Cast Iron” Cookware set, “Root Cellar” Shelves with Ladder, Laundry Room (choice of wood or metal tub) and Front Door with (2) tiny interior doors.  (This does not include the Early American Fireplace or the set of Extra Ladders)
Total if purchased separately $98.00, Ordered as a set Total = $88.00 (a 10% discount) plus Free Shipping.

Additional Accessories to Consider
Along with my newest pieces of furniture above, I also carry some accessories that would be perfect in your bunny house:
How about some Bunny Slippers! (See my Shoes... page)
Baskets are a must-have. Some of the smaller styles to accessorize your house and root cellar could be:  the Laundry Basket, Oval (Red Riding Hood) Basket, Medium Square Basket, Round Berry Basket, and Bushel Baskets. (See my Baskets page)
My new Pewter Style plates and bowls would be beautiful on the fireplace mantle as serving pieces (they are a little larger, castle size) (see my March QC... page).

Note: The Desk, Hutch, and Shelf kits also include an assortment of graphics to glue on the back of the shelves.  These can help fill up the shelves and let you add fewer accessories if you like.

List of Kits with prices for cutting & pasting into an email for ordering:

ONE OF EACH (13 kits, 10% savings) ($88.00) (Indicate which Wash Tub, wood or metal style)
Bunny Bedroom ($12.00)
Bunny Bathroom ($12.00)
Living Room Fireplace ($6.00)
Rocking Bunny & Cradle ($6.50)
Desk/Hutch ($5.00)
Wing Chair ($6.00)
BH Fireplace ($8.00)
Kitchen Hutch ($6.50)
Kitchen Table & 2 Benches ($7.00)
Shelves & Ladder ($5.00)
Front Door & 2 Tiny Doors ($6.00)
Cast Iron Cookware (set of 4) ($6.00)
Laundry Room – Wooden Tub ($12.00)  OR
Laundry Room – Metal Tub ($12.00)

Early Amer. Fireplace ($7.50)
Ladders (2) ($2.50)
Bunny Slippers (2 pair $6.00)

Special Promotion –  ALL orders include at least 1 free gift to go with your bunny house. 

Shipping cost is a flat $6.50 to the US for any number of kits or $16.00 to Canada for up to 8 ounces.

To order any of the items from my website, please email me at:

I am not currently taking PayPal.  
Payment can be made in the form of a Check, Money Order, Zelle, or Canadian Cheque.


  1. Kathy! As usual I adore 🥰 your furniture! The bed with the little hearts is PERFECT! Everything is going to look beautiful in those little boxes. I have my Pat made bunnies and am going to order some Bunny Boxes for $8 ($7.99 drives me crazy, sorry) at Target, which will come next day so now I’m REALLY excited! I was SURE I missed out but the lovely Fern (🫂to you!) assured me I hadn’t at that good stuff was coming and WOW, Kathy, this and the accessories are amazing! You’re amazing! Can’t wait and thank you for designing all this to perfectly fit!

    Love to you dear friend!

  2. Beautiful furniture and accessories. Diane